Projects > Festivals | Outdoor > Electric Daisy Carnival 2015 - Las Vegas
We were very happy to be asked once more to contribute to what is one of the most grandiose dance events that we have been involved with, the Electric Daisy Carnival 2015. We were approached with a hugely ambitious design, a whole world on a single stage of over 150m wide and 35m high. We built three different elements of the stage. On stage right were the owl guardians, standing at 14m tall these two figures guarded the water gate. They had dmx controllable lights built into their eyes and in the crystals on their staffs. Dominating the centre stage hung the crystal owl head with flexible Video-led screens hung in its eyes. On stage left we made four dragon pieces positioned to give the feel of a complete animal. The tail was animated by stage hands, the head could move left and right and open and close its mouth emitting smoke and light to give a fiery effect.